First blog post

Hello world, my name is… I guess I should start by saying I am going to keep my identity anonymous. No I am not a monster, but I do like some mystery. Actually the truth is, I do not want any close friends or family reading my blogs. So it would be nice if you guys could keep this a secret. What inspired me to write this blog was a little bit of sadness and Sex and the City. Yes I know Sex and the City is an old show, but I finally started watching it and am now obsessed. Carrie Bradshaw, the main character writes a sex column. No this will not be a sex column, but the openness and truth in her column made me want to write one. How contradictory: I want to hide my feelings from the closest people in my life but want to share them with complete strangers? What has become of me?!!! Oh well, it’s too late now…


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